Alizarin Claret Michael Harding 225ml

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Alizarin Claret

Alizarin Claret


Colour Index PR 177 Anthranaquinone
Drying Speed Slow
Opacity Covering Transparent
Tint Power High
Lightfastness Good
Oil Content Linseed Oil, High
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236

??Alizarin Claret has a slightly lighter mass tone than that of Alizarin Crimson and yet has greater resistance to UV light than Alizarin Crimson. I specifically formulated this beautiful full bodied colour for those artists who are “afraid” to use Alizarin Crimson. Perfect for portraitures, landscapes and non-figurative works due to its versatility and beauty. A delightful mixer with other transparent colours.

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