Pale Violet Michael Harding 40ml

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Pale Violet (No. 227)

Colour Index Pb 29, Pv 23, Pw 6, Pw 4
Drying Speed Average
Lightfastness Excellent
Tint Power Very Opaque / High
Oil Content Linseed Oil, Low
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Adorable for any landscape painter Pale Violet adds vibrancy to any sky. Those confusing violet shadows we all see in clouds, which are hard to express, are now made easily achievable with this colour.

Pale Violet is a wonderful addition to my range of colours. It is made from three highly stable, highly reliable and highly lightfast pigments. Although these pigments are available in pure pigment form in my range artists always tell me they can’t achieve quite the same vibrancy when mixed together in their studio.

For the portrait artist my Pale Violet also allows them to achieve interesting shadow combinations, for example as a complimentary to create vibrancy in greys. Pale Violet has an obvious place for still life, room interior and modern artists. Enjoy!

by Judi M.

I saw a YouTube video advertising this colour and it seemed quite versatile as a mixer. I’ve now used it in a couple of paintings, either neat or greyed down. It works particularly well in evening landscapes, sunsets, and portraits, but can complement a wide range of colours. I am a fan of purples and greys in my paintings, so it works well for me. I like Michael Harding paints in general, while they are more expensive than other brands, the depth and intensity of colour is worth it.

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