Arches W/C Paper PKT10 56x76cm 300gsm Medium Cold Pressed

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The Arches brand

The Moulins d'Arches turned to the production of high quality paper for the period's most famous writings and most beautiful art publications. The mill thus printed incunabula (the name given to the first printed books) such as the "Chronique de Gutenberg" by Durer. Also printed on Arches paper was the "Description of Egypt" commissioned by Napoleon I upon his return from his Egyptian campaign; the work was used by the royalty from 1809 to 1828.

Since 1492, Arches has stood for professional quality for artists. Its pure cotton products, mould-made in the traditional way, have a natural grain which resembles that of hand-made paper. This process also produces a more stable paper, whose form is not significantly altered when wet, because of the excellent distribution of its long cotton fibres. Arches Watercolor papers also boast unique sizing using natural gelatine, giving the paper incomparable resistance to scratching and exceptional rendering of colours.

by Maeve H.

This is the paper that got me hooked on watercolour painting. It’s great !!! Love senior art too

by liyong w.

This is what I want.Good price, good quality, good service. Thank you very much!

by Carol-Lynn B.

There is no other watercolour paper like Arches cold pressed 300 gsm. I don't need to stretch it and when I paint on it, it behaves like the superb product that it is. I can draw, erase, use pen and ink and watercolour on it with complete confidence. It sucks the paint in rather than letting it sit on the surface of the paper, and that is its magic. I would never use anything else. Apart from that, Senior Art sent me 10 full sheets packaged in two sheets of ply wood and it arrived in excellent condition. I'm thrilled with the service I receive from Senior Art.

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