Colors Of Inspiration Hand Poured DANIEL SMITH W/C Half Pan Set

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Colors Of Inspiration Set

This hand poured watercolor half pan set has 6 unique(*) DANIEL SMITH colors to inspire you with new creative mixes and colors. These are colors we choose for artists who love active watercolors which participate in the creative painting process!

  • Wisteria*
  • Lavender*
  • Rose of Ultramarine*
  • Moonglow*
  • Shadow Violet*
  • Serpentine Genuine* (one of our PrimaTek Watercolors)

Includes 9 empty pans so you can fill them with your own Daniel Smith colours

by Lorraine C.

I have never in all my years of painting found a paint as beautiful as Daniel Smith. I started out by buying the Jean Haines small 5ml kits and they are to die for. Then I have been buying these little boxes which are so easy to take out and paint. The paints are granulate beautifully and move and find their own way. I live to put out water in the shape I want load the tip of my brush and just dip the paint in the top of the colour and leaving it to move around and fill the space itself it does a wonderful job. The colours are so vibrant and the paints that have been ground from gems stones have a sandpaper feel and a brilliant sparkle as the sun moves across it. Don't hesitate at these prices they are just such good value and if you love watercolour you will love these

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