Transparent Oxide Red Michael Harding 40ml

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Transparent Oxide Red (No. 220)



Colour Index PR 101
Drying Speed Extremely Fast
Opacity Covering and Tint Power Transparent
Lightfastness Incredible
Oil Content Average, Linseed
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Transparent Red Oxide an Iron Oxide manufactured to such a small pigment particle size that it shows, like its yellow counterpart, almost Lake-like characteristics. Terrific Tint Power which produces wonderful results in mixes with yellows, and can provide gravity to mid-red tones. Mix it with phthalocyanine blue and you will have an interesting surprise!

This Iron Oxide has been used as a wood dye and I realized that its capacity to enrich the grain of hardwood made it a wonderful candidate for paint making.


by Gerard M.

Incomparable Quality. Pure and beautiful product to work. The best on the market

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