Burnt Sienna Michael Harding 40ml

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Burnt Sienna (No. 125)


Inorganic, Natural Earth

Colour Index PBr 7
Drying Speed Very Fast
Opacity Covering and Tint Power Semi-Transparent
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content Average, Linseed
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Burnt Sienna is one of the natural earth iron oxides, of such antiquity and usefulness it barely needs an introduction.

It creates rich but subdued pinks, which reveal how transparent and warm are its undertones.

Its Tint Power is noticeably stronger than the more opaque Earths.

by Marilyn P.

Strong colour, great paint - lovely to apply and mix.

by Audrey Warren

Lovely colour. Pure pigment. Mixes with white very well.

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