Titanium White No. 2 Michael Harding 40ml

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Titanium White No. 2 



Colour Index PW 6 & PW 4
Drying Speed Average
Lightfastness Excellent
Tint Power Very Opaque / High
Oil Content Linseed Oil, Very Low
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Titanium White No. 2 (No. 102) paint is ground with linseed oil and contains a small addition of Zinc White in order to avert the tendency of pure Titanium Dioxide pigment to exude oil to the surface whilst drying, which then causes a more pronounced appearance of yellowing.

Zinc White incorporates this free oil more effectively, as well as adding a cooler brightness to the white. If you want a strong mixer which tends to lighten hues strongly then this is it.

The handling qualities are not overly subtle, but this is the white most suitable for a bright and largely cool palette. It forms a strong film when cured.

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