Permanent Green Light Michael Harding 225ml

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Permanent Green Light


??Inorganic & Organic

Colour Index PY 74 & PG 36 & PW 4 & PW 6
Drying Speed Average
Opacity Covering and Tint Power Opaque
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content Low, Linseed
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Permanent or “Victoria” Green was the generic name given by 19th century English manufacturers to a mid green, slightly bluish in undertones, made from a variety of blends. My own formula combines Arylide Yellow and Yellow Shade Phthalo Green to give a very rich, earthy hue in Zinc and Titanium Whites. Much stronger than Terre Verte, it sometimes fulfills the same role in providing reflex tones for portraiture and figure painting.