554 Julie Goldspink Mop Size 2 Synthetic

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by Kim-Qui N.

I had previously bought this brush in size 00 (at the time it was the only brush I could afford and it was the first time in my life I had splurged for a mop brush) but I loved it so much that I decided to get all of the sizes available in this range. This mop brush is great when you consider the price and the fact that it's synthetic - I did some comparison between multiple synthetic mop brushes available in australian art supply stores and this one benefits in being a tightly edited size range and in it's pricing while also being great to use. I love these brushes for gouache painting because it had enough "snapback" but it's still soft enough for watercolours even if it's not as fluffy and soft like a typical animal hair mop brush. This brush is perfect for when you want to make washes but also prioritize having some control and precision.

by Jack O'Donovan

Great brushes. Good control and fantastic water and pigment retention. Definitely worth the price.


This brush holds loads of pigment and has a fine point. It's a strong brush and doesn't collapse like some mops, enabling use for a wash and fine detail without lifting the brush

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