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Gift Vouchers


Our e-voucher is delivered directly to the gift recipient's email inbox or available for instant download and is available to use immediately. If your friend or loved one chooses not to use the entire amount in one purchase, the remainder will remain on the card until exhausted.


If you want to send this Voucher to someone, you can fill out the form (once purchased) and we will send it for you. The recipient will receive an email with this Gift Voucher included, along with your name and your message if you decide to write one!


You can also schedule the email to be sent on the date you want - a perfect way to say Happy Birthday, happy anniversary or any other occasion! The scheduled emails are sent early in the morning so you can surprise someone and make their day!


IMPORTANT: make sure you enter the correct email address of the recipient. If you enter the wrong email address and send the voucher, this action can not be undone!

by Nicola D.

This was very easy to purchase and the voucher was send promptly. It was a gift so I simply forwarded it to my Mum.

by Susan P.

Very easy to order the voucher online which was delivered by email within 2 days. Excellent service.

by Glenys W.

I was pleased to be able to purchase the voucher on line, especially in time of lock down. But the process of obtaining the voucher was very unclear to me. I could not find the details after looking in several places on the website etc. I rang the company to find out what I had to do to get the voucher and the lady I spoke to was quite negative towards me insisting the information was in clear view and it was my problem, even though she admitted she gets a lot of calls about the same issue. After I hung up, I looked again and still couldn't find it. I would suggest you put the information regarding how the voucher will be sent in your automated response that confirms the purchase, rather than expecting the purchaser to hunt for it.

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