Polymer Gloss Varnish MM7 Matisse 1lt

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Use as a final varnish or can be mixed with Matisse Colours. Non-yellowing high gloss finish. 

MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish & Medium serves both as a gloss finishing varnish and as a glossy additive to the paint. The use of this varnish will help maintain colour intensity with a gloss finish comparable to that of oil paintings

Mixed with Matisse Colours, it increases gloss and flow characteristics. Used as a finishing varnish, it produces a strong, protective, tack-free, clear film. Pictures treated with MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish will look like work done with oil paints or shiny enamel. MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish and MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish are freely intermixable to achieve a semi-gloss or satin finish. MM7 dries completely clear, is non-yellowing and it will remain totally flexible. Polymer water-based varnishes may appear to be slightly hazy whilst in solution. This is an optical effect produced by light refraction of acrylic particles suspended within the water-based medium. The effect disappears when the film is dry. 


As acrylics dry very rapidly, care should be taken to apply varnish pre-diluted with water (how much water will depend on the temperature, humidity and how thickly you apply each coat, however, a good starting point is somewhere between 10% to 20% water to medium with a maximum of 50%). Polymer Varnish, applied in very thick layers on a hot day, could trap moisture, resulting in a cloudy film which would be very difficult to correct.

All Matisse painting mediums are freely intermixable, e.g. Polymer Gloss Varnish will intermix with MM6 Polymer Matt Varnish to give a subdued gloss effect; MM8 Spreader Medium will intermix with the above to offer various degrees of water resistance and flow.

Nevertheless, painters are advised to use some discretion in pre-determining their selection of mediums to avoid accidentally eliminating their intrinsic qualities or beneficial effects, e.g. artists using MM5 Matt Medium would be ill-advised to finish their painting with a Polymer Gloss Varnish.

After application, drying time will be approximately 1-2 hours, depending upon weather conditions. Do not attempt to speed the drying process with a heat source such as a blow dryer or fan heater, as this may cause cracking. MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish is not suitable for use over oil paints. Do not allow to freeze.

MM7 Polymer Gloss Varnish and medium is also an archival adhesive and most suitable replacement for PVA glues which will yellow and go brittle in a short period of time.


A varnish is a clear coat applied over the top of an artwork. It has two main functions - to give an even sheen to the work, which will in turn help to bring out the full intensity and beauty of the pigments, and to protect it from several different areas of attack such as wear and tear and airborne grime and chemicals.

by Neil Campbell

This product is a key component of my art. It is great as a medium and as a finishing varnish. The price from Seniors was the best I could find, and the ability to pick up at a store was a bonus.

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