Poly-U Satin Varnish MM11 Matisse 250ml

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Water-based Polyurethane varnish with a non-yellowing hard wearing satin finish (for use on rigid surfaces only).

MM11 Polyurethane Satin Varnish is a very popular varnish used in folk art techniques.

Always stir before use to ensure even distribution of the matting agent. This water-based finishing varnish provides a clear, non-yellowing and hard-wearing finish for all hard surfaces painted with acrylic paints. A lovely satin varnish which is not too glossy but still has an alive look about it without being matt. Apply with a soft brush.

Do not use MM11 Satin Varnish over oil-based paints or oil-based antiquing finishes. Do not add water. Do not use on paper, canvas or other flexible substrates. 

Water-resistant, heat-resistant, quick drying and flexible. 


A varnish is a clear coat applied over the top of an artwork. It has two main functions - to give an even sheen to the work, which will in turn help to bring out the full intensity and beauty of the pigments, and to protect it from several different areas of attack such as wear and tear and airborne grime and chemicals.

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