Clear Sealer MM12 Matisse 4lt

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Use for sealing very porous surfaces such as terracotta or as a tannin blocker for "green" wood. 

Specially formulated for folk art techniques. This Medium is primarily used to provide a clear sealant layer to substrates.

MM12 Clear Sealer can be used on raw wood if you are not using a Matisse Background Colour (which has a built-in sealer) and want to paint a design on the raw wood leaving the natural grain revealed. MM12 Clear Sealer will block tannins from wood bleeding through subsequent layers. It can also be used on glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metal. All surfaces should be clean and dust-free before MM12 Clear Sealer application.

For porous surfaces such as wood, terracotta pots, unfired ceramics, etc. apply diluted with up to 1 part water to 2 parts MM12 Clear Sealer.

You can also stain and seal wood. For a great effect, add a small amount of Matisse Flow artists acrylic in the desired colour and apply evenly, finishing one surface at a time.

Water-resistant, quick drying and flexible. Do not allow to freeze.

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