Alvaro Squirrel Mop Brush Size 4

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"My mop-shaped brushes are inspired by the original French Mop Brush but have longer handles and more hair. The length of the handles is important: the amount of control you have is determined by how far you hold it from the tip, and less control will translate into more freedom in your painting."

by Matt J.

Love this range of squirrel brushes. Previously used sable brushes for water colour but though the springiness is better in sable, squirrel seems to hold its point better while still holding pretty of paint. Using these brushes has dispelled in me what I now see as the myth and legend of ‘high quality sable brushes’ expounded by top sable brush brands. Wasted so much money on these ‘top brands’ before coming across the Alvaro Squirrel brush. I have now been able to get all the size range I need for much cheaper price. I enjoy the versatility of these brushes as you can use a singe brush for broad strokes, and washes as well as fine detail.

by Kelvin W.

This is by far the best mop brush I have ever used!

by Philip Kinsey

This brush is a excellent tool. I like it very much.

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