Summer Light in Watercolour by Ross Paterson

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Summer Light in Watercolour

Artist: Ross Paterson
Language: English 90 mins
Format: PAL DVD

Ross Paterson is a renowned Australian painter who has a love of the landscape and a unique ability to interpret the distinctive character, light and atmosphere of his subject. Painting around his home in northern Victoria, he travels into the Australian bush to paint views of the dry, hot countryside. He also tackles a street scene in the old mining town of Rushworth as well as a rickety wooden bridge over a rapidly drying out creek. Finally, he paints a further street scene from a sketch, working in his studio.

by Duleep D.

Ross Paterson is one of the finest watercolour painters. I have attended two of his workshops in New Zealand. His DVD is very well presented, very informative and very useful.

by Pamela D.

I brought this DVD because I was unable to attend a workshop with Ross Paterson. It is a wonderful demonstration of key watercolour painting techniques including simplification and editing, making interesting shapes, focus on values ,use of colour, especially in shadows and wonderfully thoughtful and expert brushwork. It shows a master painting several paintings en plein air and for me it provides a powerful learning experience.

by des lowry

Aspiring watercolourists must watch - no, not just watch, study - Ross Paterson's Summer Light in Watercolour. Ross Paterson is a master at painting the Australian landscape. His drawing skills are excellent (see gallery) and every stroke with the brush is carefully considered. Close observation of his technique and careful listening reveal how the student can achieve the transparency and tonal balance that Ross has mastered. While Ross's delivery is a little dour, his passion shines through in the stunning results he achieves in all five demonstrations.

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