Tiger's Eye Genuine DS Awc 15ml

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Tiger's Eye Genuine is made from the brownish-gold stone with rippling bands of light that remind you of cat's eyes. The gemstone, a member of the quartz family, is geolically stained with dark iron oxide creating the distinctive bands and markings called the chatoyant effect. The combination of quartz and iron oxide produces a remarkable paint that is very transparent and non-staining. as well as strongly coloured and granulating. The colour is olive drab with undertones of cool ash brown. With great textural effects combined with versatile colour, this will quickly become a staple of your palette.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:Excellent






by Margaret D.

An interesting brown, granulating. I teamed it with rich green gold also from Daniel Smith, wonderful combination for landscapes.

by Irene Lines

I just love the transparency of Tigers Eye. It is a great shade for landscapes and strangely enough I have also loved the shading effect when painting skin tones in portraits. Tigers Eye Genuine also gives a good depth when doing animal fur such as a dog or a tabby cat.

by paulina yue

This gives a very natural wood colours of various shades.

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