Lemon Yellow DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ml

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Lemon Yellow, a brilliant primary yellow, is the perfect pigment for mixing a range of hues when a clean yellow is necessary. This saturated, bright colour adds life to your work at full strength and washes out to a sweet soft glow for a light and subtle statement. You'll enjoy the smooth handling properties and the durability of this extremely lightfast paint.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:Excellent






by Warwick R.

This is my favourite greenish yellow that is made from Pigment Yellow 175 and consequently has the highest lightfastness of any of the yellows made from organic pigments that don't contain toxic cadmium. It is a level of lightfastness higher than Hansa Yellow Light (PY3) that is the other common Lemon Yellow pigment. This paint mixes well with other high quality watercolour paints and makes bright greens when mixed with greenish blue pigments like phthalo blue (PB15:1) and phthalo green (PG7). The oranges it makes when mixed with red pigments tend to be on the dull side because of the slightly greenish tone of PY175. The brightest orange colours can be made using DS Hans Yellow Deep with Pigment Yellow 65 mixed with red pigments.

by Catherine G.

Lemon Yellow in the Daniel Smith watercolour range is in my book one of most important colours to have in your palette. It is a brilliantly pure pigment which can enrich a scene with little effort. The colour strongly stands on its own or a drop can add subtle changes to a wash that will give a wash more life, vitality and reality.

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