Watercolour Travel Box Empty 2095 4 Well

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Watercolor Travel Boxes perfect for DANIEL SMITH watercolours. Please note this palette comes with no colour or pans. Colours and whole or half pans are sold seperatley

by Gail Barker

I have had my travel box for more than a year now and find it very useful. It closes securely and the paint tray options work well. The only issue would be that it could be difficult to open - I use a pallet knife to lever it open. There isn't much of a catch. But it won't fall open accidentally while you're travelling.

by Mary May

I have now been using this travel box for 4 weeks. The concept is great, an empty box into which you can insert plastic whole or half pans to fill with your choice of WC paints. And the idea of having spare pans filled with colours which can be swapped around for different painting palettes is really clever. Unfortunately the pans do not fit snugly leaving room at sides of the pans where paint can spill underneath. And they 'rattle around' in the metal palette. I am still looking for my 'perfect palette'!!

by Kim Higgins

Love the fact is with me anywhere is easy to fill easy to paint and enough space to mix

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