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Quick and efficient service product as ordered online


Author: Penelope L.

Review date 06.08.2022


Ordered 2 weeks ago and still have not received my order. Thought these were only coming from Victoria and I've paid $10 for postage. Shouldn't take that long since Aust Post. I receive other good from that area within 5 days.


Author: Jennifer H.

Review date 16.04.2022




Author: Patricia S.

Review date 08.04.2022


I have not rated the Store above satisfactory as I have never been there - I have always purchased products online


Author: Sylvia G.

Review date 12.03.2022


Thanks, I haven't got to using anything yet. You staff were very good and polite in my communication by phone. Haven't been in your store so cannot rate it.


Author: Tony S.

Review date 29.01.2022


Ordered on 30 November, my order has not arrived on the given expected delivery dates.
It’s 11 December today.


Author: Lydia E.

Review date 11.12.2021


ordered perylene green but you did not have it and wont get it for some time - I was very disappointed with that and the time it took for my order to be delivered - I had not trouble with the costs etc.


Author: Jean P.

Review date 27.11.2021


Considering I don’t have your products yet I can rate you or if I do it would not be good!!??


Author: Carolyn W.

Review date 29.10.2021


Unfortunately, I had a bad and unprofessional experience with the service. I queried the GST on your site. As a result, I received an abusive phone call. When I tried to respond, the caller hung up and cancelled my order. I'm very sorry for the bad review.


Author: monica s.

Review date 16.09.2021


Goods have still not arrived. Tracking said delivery was arriving last Tuesday. No further updates have been given. Now Monday of the next week.


Author: John B.

Review date 16.08.2021

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