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I cannot do a review because I have not received my order yet, so no stars and I am not happy.
Admin comment
We are very sorry that you haven’t received your order as of this review. Australia post is usually very reliable. We did send the order the day after recieving it.


Author: Barbara W.

Review date 24.06.2019


Dear Senior Art Supplies,
You can see from my rating of Product I have given you only 1 star.
This is due to me not receiving the full package of Merv Moriaty's Colour Wheel.
I received the Colour wheel only, NOT the Instructions: 8 Easy Illustrated Steps, Colour Exercises, Valuable Colour Tips and Information. Please send these items to me AS


Author: Judith R.

Review date 19.06.2019


Why do you want a store review when I purchased online?


Author: Valli M.

Review date 06.05.2019


I have just noted on auspost that my order is being returned to sender as it was addressed incorrectly.
I rang senior art of my change of address and also emailed this info and was assured that it had been corrected. But sadly not. I am disappointed in the delay in receiving my order


Author: Robyn W.

Review date 07.04.2019


Find a better courier service than Allied Express. Taking way too long to deliver my parcel


Author: Drew B.

Review date 29.12.2018


Products have not arrived yet ( I am in New Zealand) so I cannot give any feedback yet


Author: Catherine H.

Review date 28.05.2018


Disappointed that the DVD cover for Herman was damaged on arrival. No response from Company from my email


Author: Toni C.

Review date 16.04.2018


It STINKS that BIG offer of FREE Freight until to see fine print.
Would think when looking at ordering $100 over minimum spend buyer would get consideration on freight cost !


Author: Mel J.

Review date 06.04.2018


Your website dumped my difficult to create an order for $340 prior to checking out. I can't even find out if the problem i was having with checkout was about an incorrect number or something else.
Admin comment
Sorry to hear you had some shopping cart errors. It is very rare indeed. Hopefully it wont happen to you again


Author: Nora G.

Review date 27.11.2017


Excellent service. Kept me informed of the progress of my order. Very quick delivery.


Author: Deb w.

Review date 13.11.2017

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