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I cannot review your store as I have only shopped online


Author: Sylvia G.

Review date 23.11.2023


Give Bec the afternoon shift. She not a morning person. I told her the difficulty I had with the website , she explained what had happened. I tried to further explain something else after she corrected and made the sale and she was short sharp and shut me down. Bye


Author: david p.

Review date 17.06.2023


Unfortunately the shipping time was too slow. I actually wouldn't of purchased the items on line if I knew it would of be that long. I can appreciate it might have something to do with some items not being available - however I was never told if that was a specific item etc - I would of just not ordered them if that was the case.


Author: Phil E.

Review date 11.06.2023


Spectrum clear did not arrive


Author: Desire F.

Review date 16.04.2023


My product was very delayed. I contacted customer service and was met with a very rude response and no help at all. It was arrogant and has made me think twice about ordering again which is a shame as you have great products. Please improve your customer care/service. I still don’t have my products.


Author: Rebecca M.

Review date 16.02.2023


The goods I bought online were packed without enough care and packaging protection.
Two of the paint tubes arrived dented.
I was disappointed not to be able to access the discount as a student of Ben Winspear, and repeat customer. I live 4 hours north of the West End store.


Author: Kaylee S.

Review date 23.09.2022


I have tried to submit feedback but this form does not give me enough characters to explain the situation and give feedback. I am willing to email feedback. Thankyou.


Author: Tracey M.

Review date 18.09.2022


Shipping is a hot mess of incorrect notifications, and the carrier needs to have lost track of the package for two of the four weeks they have it, before declaring it lost. Website fails to mention this. Range, pricing, and staff (online and in the city store) are very good, such a shame the shipping lets the side down.


Author: Toni B.

Review date 25.08.2022


I cannot comment on the store as my preferred store would be Brisbane but I was redirected to Frankston when I tried to call as cannot make a small purchase locally. I would also like to purchase a new brush but won’t because it needs to come interstate. Mail service was excellent. Very happy with purchase.


Author: Christine W.

Review date 22.08.2022


Quick and efficient service product as ordered online


Author: Penelope L.

Review date 06.08.2022

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