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I did not fill in the 'Store' or the 'Service' as I purchased online.
Very pleased with product and speed of delivery

Amendment: Cannot send without the 'Store'


Author: Lester B.

Review date 07.03.2021


I recently visited your shop in Melbourne CBD ( in Degraves St) the staff was very friendly but I found that the shop wasn’t very well stocked. They adviced me that most of the products that I needed was in your other store.
It would be great to see some improvements in your CBD store. Also, I think shipping should be free once you shop for $15


Author: Agneta E.

Review date 28.02.2021


It was my first time ordering from your website, but one of the items was incorrect - I got sent the wrong product. I didn't have the time / energy to request a return, and couldn't be bothered going to the post office to send the item back. It was pretty disappointing though and I doubt I will be ordering again. Shipping was also incredibly slow.


Author: Courtney R.

Review date 11.01.2021


I rang a few minutes after I’d ordered, realising I’d made a big mistake on my order. I’d ordered an Avant-Garde Grand View palette held in the left hand by mistake as I’m left handed so would need the one held in the right hand. Was promised they would adjust the order. Clearly they forgot and I have the wrong one. Am v put off your store


Author: Alison B.

Review date 07.12.2020


I placed an order six days ago and have not yet been advised of despatch. Perhaps you should delay sending out your review request emails if you can’t process orders.


Author: Kerri J.

Review date 30.11.2020


No communication Re refund for 2 pens which just appeared in my account The other 2 pens ended up costing over $12 each If I’d know that I would have canceled my order So no I’m not happy with your service


Author: Rhonda F.

Review date 04.11.2020




Author: Peter A.

Review date 23.09.2020


Have not received product!! Bit ridiculous really!! Bulleen to east Doncaster
And still waiting!!!
Product might be good but who would know?
Admin comment
Your order was shipped the very next day after we received it. Australia post is unfortunately out of our control. With COVID some deliveries are taking way longer than normal.


Author: Emma j.

Review date 19.09.2020


I was disappointed by a staff member as they snapped at me for knocking on the door front as I was collecting my online order. My order has taken longer than usual due to the wrong products being sent out, which honestly didn’t bother me, but combined with how the staff member treated me it has made me walk away with an overall negative experienc


Author: Henry H.

Review date 28.08.2020


I’m sorry for the low rating but my products haven’t arrived yet


Author: Myriam A.

Review date 23.08.2020

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