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No comment as I purchased a gift certificate, Easy process no problems.


Author: susan c.

Review date 29.12.2018


Ordered 2 WN and 1 DS watercolours and received 3 WN. Sent webpage email on Friday night now Tuesday morning and have received no communication.


Author: PETER B.

Review date 11.12.2018


I ordered a very common water colour paint and it wasn't in stock. While I was waiting I ordered another brush to go with the order once the paint arrived. The majority of the order was paid for, just not the additional brush. I was expecting a phone call to pay for the brush but it didn't come. A week later my order arrived but I had to ring.


Author: Stephen E.

Review date 13.10.2018


stretcher bars are cracked on the edges! wrong pigment shipped on top of that, i wasted a full day traveling to city for exchange! 45km one way. Thank you soo much!


Author: Nikola T.

Review date 18.04.2018


I received my purchase in extremely good time. Thank you.


Author: michele r.

Review date 31.03.2018


Appreciated the option to remove and item for refund instead of waiting for and oos item to be sourced. Also impressed items were sent in two lots which improved deliver time. Thank you, i’ll be shopping again with you.


Author: Karan G.

Review date 24.03.2018


I haven't received it yet.


Author: Teresa C.

Review date 20.02.2018


Happy with the paper we got great that you told me that you didn’t have all the paper &would l like to wait for it when it comes in.


Author: Suzanne Christine Hennessy H.

Review date 23.12.2017


I hace notar received muy merchandise yet


Author: Ricardo A.

Review date 16.12.2017


Disappointing as a client I have to chase up an order when there has been a delay. Better communication and initiative to contact buyer would have been beneficial. Excuses are just poor form and reflect badly on shop.


Author: Raquel W.

Review date 05.12.2017

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