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From the images on the website, I assumed I was ordering Faber Castell Polychromous pastel sticks, however, I received Faber Castel pastel pencils. As I do most of my pastel work in Faber Castell pastel sticks, I was disappointed to receive pencils instead.

The paper I received was as expected.


Author: Marilyn M.

Review date 29.10.2023


I found the website a little cumbersome to use. I did receive my order very quickly. Thanks


Author: Nicole L.

Review date 24.10.2023


I bought a voucher, but found it overly complicated to redeem and send to the recipient. Thinking there would be a more simple process?


Author: Kirsten M.

Review date 19.09.2023


My order was received in a timely manner.
As art materials are costly , I appreciate any sale items that are revelant to my art practice p


Author: Robyn B.

Review date 29.07.2023


I order on line so could only rate the store from the website other than that very happy with the service


Author: Raymond H.

Review date 25.06.2023


Later than predicted and incorrect size of paint tubes was selected. Instead of 40ml they sent 15ml.


Author: Jennifer O.

Review date 12.05.2023


I was suppose to get free shipping bcuz my order was over YOUR prize limit but when it came to payment I had to pay more bcuz I ordered a canvas!


Author: Eugenia M.

Review date 01.05.2023


I had a wee communication problem with the tracking and shipping details.


Author: Maggie T.

Review date 24.04.2023


More information on products would be very helpful


Author: leanne k.

Review date 15.04.2023


I have only used a small amount of the Titanium White as yet, so unable to rate the products. Everything else went like clockwork.
I have one query, why was it shipped from Frankston, when I put the order into Sydney? I haven't visited any of your stores, so perhaps Catalogue should be added.


Author: John M.

Review date 16.03.2023

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