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All good but website showed items in stock but nil stock in store on the same morning


Author: Brian A.

Review date 09.01.2021


No comment.


Author: sarah h.

Review date 01.12.2020


Finding products online is a bit of a minefield, but I can't see an answer to it when you have so many products to display.
I had no phone or face to face contact with you, so I am unable to comment on that aspect, but your other services were surprising prompt. Why buy overseas when you can get almost overnight services such as yours. Thank you.


Author: John M.

Review date 08.11.2020


Very helpful
Beautiful paints


Author: Bella S.

Review date 21.10.2020


Whenever you have free shipping i always put in an order :)


Author: Stephen E.

Review date 04.10.2020


Great assortment of products but not enough information about them to help me decide which brushes to buy. I was looking for a set of high quality short handle brushes for acrylic painting. Lovely lady on the phone and fast shipping.


Author: Jenny L.

Review date 24.08.2020


My order has not arrived yet!


Author: Kay B.

Review date 12.08.2020


I did click and collect. The staff were ambivalent to the point of being rude when I collected my purchase. Not a great first experience tbh


Author: Denise A.

Review date 19.07.2020


The young man who assisted me was extremely helpful and made it easier for me to choose what I wanted (I’m not very good at navigating websites at the best of time).


Author: Margaret C.

Review date 15.07.2020


bad experience this time unfortunately.
out of stock item - ok. Happens.
Asked if I wished to exchange for another item
Alternative items requested by reply email were ignored and not sent
express post was NOT requested but used anyway (and charged for)
overall very unsatisfactory service on this occasion.


Author: Heidi S.

Review date 08.07.2020

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