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The bottle was leaking despite packaging


Author: Caroline W.

Review date 08.02.2020


Once the brushes finally got to the u.s. I had to have it forwarded so it took a about a month from order to receipt. But, they are what I expected and are great.

It’s unfair to have to answer about the shop or store because I didn’t see a store.


Author: Kathleen C.

Review date 14.01.2020


Super quick turnaround, thank you, keep up the great work


Author: Steve W.

Review date 07.01.2020


I have not received my order as of yet but found the ordering process disappointing. I had to reach out to see when I could expect the order albeit it occurred during a national holiday in Australia. I had asked for expedited post if it
was available and never heard back.
I also asked to sign up for tracking of my order but do not receive update


Author: Buzzy M.

Review date 11.11.2019


Have not received yet


Author: Joan H.

Review date 26.10.2019


Service was good


Author: Stephanie F.

Review date 03.07.2019


Quick & efficient process. Like to see a loyalty system. QLD based. Local suppliers offer me discount or cash off as loyalty system. I currently move from one supplier to the other; happy to order through SENIOR ART if we could agree a loyalty system. Watercolourist, semi pro, conduct workshops & demonstrations. www.brucegriffithswatercolurs.com.au


Author: BRUCE G.

Review date 15.04.2019


I have not received my goods yet.


Author: Robin H.

Review date 19.03.2019


No comment as I purchased a gift certificate, Easy process no problems.


Author: susan c.

Review date 29.12.2018


Ordered 2 WN and 1 DS watercolours and received 3 WN. Sent webpage email on Friday night now Tuesday morning and have received no communication.


Author: PETER B.

Review date 11.12.2018

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