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I was suppose to get free shipping bcuz my order was over YOUR prize limit but when it came to payment I had to pay more bcuz I ordered a canvas!


Author: Eugenia M.

Review date 01.05.2023


I had a wee communication problem with the tracking and shipping details.


Author: Maggie T.

Review date 24.04.2023


More information on products would be very helpful


Author: leanne k.

Review date 15.04.2023


I have only used a small amount of the Titanium White as yet, so unable to rate the products. Everything else went like clockwork.
I have one query, why was it shipped from Frankston, when I put the order into Sydney? I haven't visited any of your stores, so perhaps Catalogue should be added.


Author: John M.

Review date 16.03.2023


seionr arts supplies good - shipping not reliable- late


Author: christine H.

Review date 05.03.2023


will keep buy my brushes hear good price


Author: Russell M.

Review date 09.02.2023


Always kept up to date on status of order


Author: Loretta C.

Review date 01.11.2022


I am still waiting on my purchace


Author: Kim S.

Review date 17.10.2022




Author: Russell M.

Review date 07.10.2022


I have all the things I ordered and the service was good.

Unfortunately my supplies came with an unbelievable amount of packaging. Much more than I feel was needed. My entire dining room table was covered in the stuff for only 5 tubes of paint, a brush, a few sheets of paper and a couple of small jars.

I donít plan to order again.


Author: Michele R.

Review date 14.08.2022

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