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The LED light pad is massively overpriced. It's hard buying online sometimes and this is a classic case in point.


Author: Stephen E.

Review date 22.10.2021


Small store with limited supplies (Tombows?)and the website isnít very clear when trying to buy some things. i.e. I wanted a sketch pad which wasnít available but the suggested replacement wasnít the same size.


Author: Barry S.

Review date 07.10.2021


I would be happy to rate you if I had received the brushes but apparently they are still on their way and according to the postal app not due until next week.


Author: Bronwyn H.

Review date 17.09.2021


I would have liked my paper to be cut for me especially as that has not been an issue with other stores and at the time there was no other customers. that's the reason for the 3 star rating.


Author: Sara G.

Review date 16.08.2021


Easy website to access and shopping was easy. Shipping was on time. Well done


Author: Susan A.

Review date 15.08.2021


Very happy with the quality of my purchase. Will shop with you again!


Author: Cheryl F.

Review date 05.08.2021


Better communication about when I could collect would have helped. Six days for Click and collect not helpful when child had assignment deadline


Author: Karen M.

Review date 20.06.2021


You were unable to supply the AS N526 Pastels, Although they were available on your website at time of ordering. I had to then order Unison Pastels instead were the same colour. When delivered, the Invoice in package stated you were supplying AS N526, not the alternatives?Today's email asked if I'm happy with the N526 Pastel, internal breakdown?


Author: Rita G.

Review date 24.05.2021


Good product and very helpful staff I haven't been to the store but but it looks great on the computer


Author: Raymond H.

Review date 15.05.2021


Unfortunately I am unable to review the product as, 2 weeks after ordering, it still has not arrived. There appeared to be an initial delay in dispatch from the store which was outside of the quoted period. Two weeks to deliver is unacceptable even in the current situation. Less expensive shipping methods need investigation.


Author: Ron G.

Review date 21.03.2021

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