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The young man who assisted me was extremely helpful and made it easier for me to choose what I wanted (Im not very good at navigating websites at the best of time).


Author: Margaret C.

Review date 15.07.2020


bad experience this time unfortunately.
out of stock item - ok. Happens.
Asked if I wished to exchange for another item
Alternative items requested by reply email were ignored and not sent
express post was NOT requested but used anyway (and charged for)
overall very unsatisfactory service on this occasion.


Author: Heidi S.

Review date 08.07.2020


I really dont know how to rate you. I am still feeling a bit annoyed because one of the products Id ordered (empty watercolour half pans) which was actually the reason for me choosing Senior this time as nobody else had them turned out to be out of stock although online it said available. I realise these things happen and understand


Author: Jane S.

Review date 06.07.2020


Great website - good price for products. Since I live in Canada, I have no comment on the store. the shipping is a little slower but perhaps was made worse because of the covid. Overall, I am very satisfied with the store.


Author: francis h.

Review date 27.06.2020


I ordered manganese blue but you have sent Mayan blue. I would still like manganese though I opened the Mayan in error. Thanks Clare


Author: Clare M.

Review date 06.06.2020


Thank you..


Author: Ted D.

Review date 20.05.2020


Service first rate. Maybe on some items more desciption of what the product does and how to use them


Author: JOHN C.

Review date 19.05.2020


Website was not up to date about processing and shipping times. I did not get my product as quickly as I expected, although I was grateful for the express post. I would recommend you update website about shipping delays due to COVID or work to get order out same day before cut off time promised on website.
Admin comment
Im not really sure what to say. You ordered on the 12th and the goods were delivered on the 15th. Pandemic or no pandemic we really cant do any better than that


Author: Callie W.

Review date 19.05.2020


My watercolour pad was bent when I opened it which means all of the pages have a deep dent in them. Not ideal considering how expensive this paper is. Better packaging for post would have solved this problem. Maybe use some cardboard around it instead of just putting in a mail bag.


Author: A J.

Review date 03.05.2020


Unfortunately your review has come before we have received our order.


Author: moira L.

Review date 25.04.2020

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